When my Mac crashed every day the first thing the technician asked me was whether I had Tech Tool Pro or Norton Utilities.

When you want to use an older MO drive on Mac OS 8 and upward, the manufacturer asked if I had FWB Hard Disk ToolKit. The Apex from Pinnacle Micro expects to find its drivers from Hard Disk Tool Kit, not from a driver supplied by Pinnacle Micro.

In short, if you have a Macintosh in your office there are several utility software items that are essential.

One of our Macs was supplied by Apple Computer, kindly supplied with 548 MB RAM (which we maxed out at 800 MB) and a 20" monitor (which we maxed out subsequently with dual 21" ViewSonic monitors). This Mac is now aging, and needs utilities more often, especially considering the amount of software that gets installed to do all these software reviews.

Here is a list of both what we already have and already review (on various other web sites) as well as what we will be reviewing in upcoming programs.

FWB Hard Disk ToolKit
Norton Utilities
Conflict Catche
Norton AntiVirus
TechTool Pro

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Last updated June 1, 2004
Previously updated July 16, 2002 / Feb. 6, 2004.