flatbed scanner is good way to record your coin collection for insurance.

Even silver coins look better when printed in color.

Although silver is seemingly monochrome, when you are trying to sell a collection (and asking big bucks) it pays to make the coins look as attractive as possible. A color laser make a considerably better impression than a black-and-white.

Here is the actual page with the ten examples of this particular coin and closeups of six of them. They sure look nicer in color. These were scanned in color (not grayscale) on a color scanner and then printed on a color laser.

What laser would we recommend? We used a Lexmark Optra 1275n color laser, a second generation color laser. Nowadays the third generation is out and we recommend color laser by QMS (Magicolor) or the Phaser by Tektronix. Both are available in either letter size (up to A4) or tabloid size (full-bleed and A3 oversize). You can find more information on laser-printer-reviews.org

What flatbed scanner is the best? After all, your coins are worth a fortune, so you should consider a flatbed scanner whose quality is worthy of digitizing your coins. Based on four years experience with a wide variety of scanners we recommend the C-550 Lanovia or Creo EverSmart for top of the line, and LinoColor Saphir Ultra2 for entry level flatbed scanners.

If you select a LinoColor (Heidelberg) or Umax scanner, then consider adding SilverFast scanner software. SilverFast scanner software is considered the best entry-level to mid-range scanner software for home use to use for desktop publishing. SilverFast is produced by LaserSoft Imaging, a well known scanner software company in Germany. SilverFast, however, is readily available in the USA, silverfast.com.

Even if the coins have little color, use a color flatbed scanner and print with a color laser printer.