Silver Fast scanner software, product review and comparisons.

If you are new to scanning then it helps to have a user-friendly scanner software such as Silver Fast. If you want to get the best results from your hardware, it helps to have a scanner software that can attain an image of professional quality.

If you are not trained at MIT or have an advanced degree in digital imaging, it sure helps if a scanner software makes the process easy for you. Silver Fast offers Germanic efficiency with American ease of use.

Silver Fast scanner software

LaserSoft Imaging, the company that makes Silver Fast, has plenty of experience in high-end prepress scanning technology. Yet SilverFast recognizes that not everyone has a technical degree in scanning. We all want our scans on economical equipment to look as good as all the beautiful color results we see in the fancy ads.

Of course you can buy a Fuji FineScan flatbed scanner, an ICG drum scanner, or our favorite flatbed scanners from Screen or Creo , if you wish to spend from $15,000 to $85,000 or more.

But if you don't buy a professional prepress scanner (Creo , Fuji, Screen) then at least be sure to obtain professional scanner software, namely SilverFast.

Scanning software

SilverFast scanner software is available for entry level flatbed scanners from Agfa, Microtek, Umax, Heidelberg (Linotype-Hell) as well as mid-range flatbed scanners models from these companies as well.

Silver Fast scanner software is also available for consumer level flatbed scanners from Hewlett-Packard, Epson, and other companies listed on the web site of LaserSoft-Imaging.

The current version is 6 (we show version 4 because that is what we started with several years ago).

Silver Fast also works with drum scanners from Howtek and one model of Crosfield. SilverFast is increasingly bundled with scanners, such as the German bundle for Nikon CoolScan 35mm film scanners. Howtek was bought by Aztek; we do not know if their scanners use SilverFast.


Last updated June 1, 2004